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Wills & Powers of Attorney


Taking the time to prepare and update your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney documents is essential to ensure that your affairs are in order. As a minimum, we recommend that all of our individual clients have a basic will and enduring power of attorney.

       Will - appoints an executor of your estate and states who will be the beneficiaries of your estate, upon passing

       Enduring Power of Attorney - appoints an attorney to act on your behalf in the event that you are mentally or physically incapacitated

       Power of Attorney - appoints an attorney to act on you or your company's behalf, generally for financial matters

Estate Planning


Clients with larger and more complex estate holdings may wish to consider some additional protection offered by a testamentary trust will. A testamentary trust will may provide an additional layer of protection to your assets and may create a more tax efficient solution for your beneficiaries. Our solicitors can advise you of the potential benefits and whether it is suitable for your personal circumstances. 

Estate Administration

In the event of a loved one passing, we provide you with advice on the proper estate administration procedure and management of your responsibilities as executor of the estate.


Our services include advice on administrative procedure and the potential risks associated with your role as executor, preparation and lodgement of Supreme Court applications for Probate, advertising, notifications to beneficiaries and management of the distribution process through our trust account.

For all will, estate panning and estate administration enquiries, please email us at

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